D4i is joint initiative between Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications (GIFEC), the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI), Zeepay Ghana Limited (Zeepay), the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and BlueTown ApS. D4i was developed with the goal of expanding Ghana’s digital economy, expanding financial inclusion and creating economic opportunities for factually underserved and financially excluded populations throughout the country. The initiative will focus on Smallholder Cocoa Communities and the Zongo Communities. D4i is a catalytic project which can impact many sectors of the economy, and uses the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as its building blocks.

D4i project would make available free data for learning, bring financial services to the communities, and empower agents/entrepreneurs to sell fast moving consumables while improving the knowledge base of the local economy through financial literacy programmes.

The project will provide point-of-sale devices to cocoa and zongo communities, to help them be financially literate, and grow their knowledge and use of digital financial tools. Through this, more Mobile Money/ Zeepay Agents will be trained to provide services to their folk while making money on the services provided.

Digital Inclusion and Financial Access

D4i will leverage digital (to make these often-marginalized communities connected to data), entrepreneurial support and training and access to financial services (Domestic transfers, Remittances, Micro Lending, and Micro Insurance)


D4i entrepreneurs would generate direct employment for an estimated 2000 people and indirect employment for approximately 4000 people over the next two (2) years.

Cash Lite Economy

As the project advances, it will be able to drive services revolving round schools, healthcare, taxes, and trading, to take efficient advantage of the financial tools already provided, to create a “cashless” economy.

Equality and Economic Empowerment of Women

Aims at including 60 percent of Women and 10 percent of Disabled persons within targeted areas.


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